About Us: Point A to Point Sea

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (my hometown, Arizona), a 5-year-old finished watching Disney’s Peter Pan + decided she was going to fly. After testing out the Laws of Gravity by jumping off the top of the staircase + landing flat on her face (knocking out teeth + sustaining two black eyes), she decided to put the idea away for awhile.


Years later, a 35-year-old San Diegan decided she was over the World dictating her decisions + realized it was time to try to fly again. She walked into a used surfboard shop in Ocean Beach, California, picked up a board + has been giving Gravity a run for its money ever since (still knocking out teeth + sustaining black eyes). Miracles can happen. When we believe. In ourselves.


Each of us is here to do great things. In our own ways. In our own time. We’re all born to fly one way or another. Surfing just happens to be the seemingly impossible key that unlocked my crazy, beautiful journey to soar towards Freedom. Saltwater Fix is a story – a culmination - of My Journey from Point A to Point Sea.  


My Journey has gone from riding waves in the ocean to designing + creating ocean-inspired, comfy apparel + rad, reliable surf products on land (hopefully we’ll have a book of short stories for you as well). Your support keeps us up + surfing…ahem…running, so thank you. 


 Love, K + the Saltwater Fix Fam

Photo Credit: @mannyvargas