3 Signs You’re Maturing As A Surfer (In The Best Way)

1. You Share the Stoke With Newbies

There is nothing in the world like surfing. And, since many of us are living busy lives outside of the water, we tend to be a little too protective about our time in the water. To the self-focused surfer, new surfers, their inability to function efficiently + the idea that they’re wasting precious space + waves is the worst. To the maturing surfer, new surfers + their endless stoke for standing up then falling off their boards, standing up then falling off their boards, is something to smile about…to cheer on. Because - in the end - sharing the stoke is what makes us happier, healthier + more connected humans on Land + in the Sea. Understanding + supporting the bigger picture - even when that means giving up some waves here + there - is the mark of surf-turity.


2. The Glass Is Half Full

Waves in San Diego are almost always rideable. Rideable may not be perfect, but rideable does give us extremely lucky locals the opportunity to paddle out almost every day. The maturing surfer knows that 1) no amount of griping will change the conditions the Ocean hands us and 2) our days in the water (+ on this planet) are limited, so why waste them complaining? Developing equal appreciation for nonstop shred sessions + humbling, skill building sessions is a sign that you’re growing up.


3. You Give Back

The Ocean gives so much to so many + it’s sort of nuts to think about how little we, surfers (myself included), give in return. Similar to being a guest in someone’s home, showing appreciation to our host, Mother Ocean, in the form of beach cleanups, donating, volunteering, etc. on a regular basis is not only the polite, but the right thing to do. Surf-turity is knowing that proper surf etiquette should not only be extended from Surfer to Surfer, but from + Surfer to Ocean as well.


That should do it for now.

Wishing you waves + stoke for days,

K (+ the Saltwater Fix Family)

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