3 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Starting a Business

If you’re alive and working in the 21st century, chances are you know or will come across someone who is starting a business. And while entrepreneurship is increasing in visibility, those pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors are still very much the minority. One of the most difficult parts of starting something of your own isn’t the starting it part – it’s dealing with the generally unsolicited, well-intentioned (but not helpful) opinions of the people around us.  So, on behalf of all the brave souls who are willing to go against everything they’ve been told + pursue their own paths (but don’t know how to kindly say MYOB), here are 3 things we need those around us to stop saying. Now.  

1. Are You Sure?  

Let’s see, we’ve filed for incorporation, set up our business banking accounts, purchased inventory + moved into a crappy apartment with 5 roommates to save up more. Call us Captain Obvious, but we’re pretty sure the answer to that question is evident. Please don’t make your discomfort with a lack of assurance our discomfort.

2. Have You Thought About (Insert the Obvious Here)?

We’ve already thought about everything + then some. And, we’ve certainly put a lot more thought into our idea than you have. If we haven’t asked for your advice on whatever it is you're advising on, it’s likely because it’s not relevant. At least not right now. And potentially, not ever. Please stop making our future endeavors about you.

3. If It Doesn’t Work Out, You Can Always (Insert the Obvious Here)…

Hold up. You’re saying if we fall flat on our faces, we can go back to what we were doing before? We already know what we can fall back on, but here’s the kicker – many of us would rather eat a shoe than go back to what we were doing. There’s a reason we’re leaving it in the first place. Please stop tethering us to our current resume because you are tethered to your own. If we’re not uncomfortable taking a risk, there’s no need to be uncomfortable for us.

There you have it, Folks.

Wishing You Waves + Success In All That You Do (Even If That Includes Eating A Shoe) For Days,

K (+ the Saltwater Fix Family)

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I was trying to control my online shopping but then I read this and I just have to order. Good luck!!


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