Good. Enough.

While most businesses had email blasts going out on January 1st about their grand plans for Year 2022, my New Year’s post is going out 19 days after January 1st + doesn’t exactly include your typical grand plans. Consider this more of a realistic (aka slacker-friendly) way of kicking off 2022.

After years of juggling 20 things at the same time + wondering why I couldn’t make progress in anything except my stress levels, I’ve realized that setting the benchmark at Good. Enough. in a few areas of business, surfing + life may be the – dare I say – grandest thing to do (insert shocked emoji here). So, without further ado, here’s what’s getting tossed into the 2022 Good. Enough. Pile. 


1. Good. Enough. Instagram. Posts.

Full disclosure: Instagram really isn’t my jam. And, for the amount of time I spend on it, one would think I’d be an IG Genius. I’m not (check out @saltwater_fix on Instagram for further proof). While I’ve been advised against not doing more by social media professionals, snapping a picture on my phone + creating a caption to go with it is about the extent of what Instagram Land is going to get from this Elder Millennial. Good. Enough.


2. Good. Enough. Surf. Conditions.

Most people working in the surf industry have been surfing a long time + are choosy about the conditions they paddle out in. I’m not. Give me a board, a wetsuit + some sort of bump in the water + I’m stoked. I’m not on the WSL circuit (shocking, I know) + I don’t need perfect conditions to have a perfectly great time. Sometimes just making it through the session without breaking myself or my board is a win. Good. Enough. is good enough.


3. Good. Enough. Work. Days.

I’ve been told horror stories about the 14+ hour days that are required to make a small business like this one successful. My creativity taps out at around the 6-7 hour mark + trying to push through seems pretty pointless…especially when the waves are calling my name. Perhaps one day I’ll look back and wish that I would have spent 14 hours/day, 7 days/week at my desk creating Instagram Reels instead of surfing, but so far, having a work/life balance is more appealing than becoming the next Jeff Bezos. Let’s be honest, the dude may have gone to space, but $10 says he can’t surf.


Until next time, wishing you waves for days + days that are good. enough... 

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