Riding Into the "New Normal"

Here at Saltwater Fix, we believe that Every. Single. Person. is a surfer at heart. And perhaps the reason so many of us are drawn towards picking up a board is because riding up’s and down’s is something we’re already familiar with - we do it all day every day.

As the world starts inching its way towards post-pandemic reopening, we’ve been thinking a lot about what we can do in the water + on land to make the “new normal” a positive place without drowning in a sea of expectations, pressures + responsibilities. Here are a few things we’ve come up with to ease our way back in:

1. Little By Little

You don’t have to save the world to make a world of difference. Complimenting a newbie on his first ride or throwing a frustrated surfer a shaka can sweeten up everyone’s experience in the water. Thanking a grocery store cashier for being at work or moving into the street so someone else can use the sidewalk can sweeten up an experience on land. Sprinkling a little goodness wherever you go is an easy way to make things better for everyone. 

2. Support What Speaks to You

You’ll often see one of our favorite salty businesses, Epic Surf Tours, splashed across our social media pages. While Epic’s surf trips contend with the best of the best (empty lineups, perfect waves, etc.), it’s the owner’s underlying principles of showing respect and giving back to underserved communities that keep us coming back for more. Every small business could use a little extra love these days, especially the ones that are doing good things for others. If you find one that speaks to you, give them a shoutout + spread the word. 

3. Go Slow

Coming out of the Pandemic Year is like reaching the surface after being held underwater by back-to-back sets of waves. While we’ll likely come out stronger, more aware + more capable of surfing through challenging times, getting to the other side is going to be gradual process. When it comes to (re)visiting people, places+ things that were part of your BC (Before COVID) Life, move at the pace you’re comfortable with. The only person you owe anything to is yourself.

Have any other ideas? We’d love to add them to our list. Email us at info@saltwaterfix.com.

Wishing You Waves For Days,

K (+ the Saltwater Fix Fam)

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